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New song 'When we turn into Ash' listen

When we turn for website

 added on 17th June 2021


My new EP 'Luminous, Cursed and Forever Falling' is out today! listen

peacock brrandonhill 75 smaller 2

added on 27th November 2020


New songs 'Cinemas' and 'Peppermint Eyes'! links

added on 24th April 2020


 added on 17th November 2019


added on 11th November 2019


I'm playing in London - 27th October (2019)

old blue last gig poster

 added on 9th September 2019



My new single 'Haunt Me' is out now! links

 added on 22nd August 2019


My new album 'Blood Orange Mind' is out now. I poured my sadness,

imagination, patience, reflection and hard work, into making something

I'm happy with start to finish. I hope you like it. links



 added on 20th July 2019


Two new songs 'Exist' and 'Snow White in Blue' links

 added on 21st June 2019


 Listen to my new single 'Lullaby' links

added on 24th May 2019


My new single 'Moths' is out today! links

added on 26th April 2019


New music in the making

peacock 59 photoshopped version for website

 added on 15th December 2018



added on 10th October 2018



My new single 'If I Could' is out today! Listen here


added on 13th July 2018
I have two new songs available 13th July-
 Big man THE ONE 2
added on 3rd July 2018


added on 24th April 2018
Hello friends, I'm playing at Poltimore festival on the 27th May and I'm
recording and writting allot, as always.
dark green cloud cropped 2
added on 22nd April 2018
Another new single! There's going to be allot of songs released this year.
All my songs are available on Spotify.  *update* - I'm not sure how many
songs I will be releasing this year, I'm sorry to be misleading


added on 16th February 2018



New song !!!

added on 26th January 2018


Image 98 Copy with black background

added on 5th January 2018


Hello friends,

I have a new single called 'We Are All Flowers; Growing Then Dying'.
The B-side is an old song/recording of mine that I decided to release



I also did an interview with BBC Introducing that you can listen to here:


 Check out my new EP 'Imaginary World'


It looks like from now on I will be able to update this website myself (so
I can update the 'news' section often), so make sure you come back here
for more updates in the future.

added on 9th December 2017


There will be a new Peacock Affect EP ‘Imaginary World’ released 24th November. The single ‘Straight Into The Rails’ will be released 22nd September; and the single ‘Aliens’ released 22nd October.

 Imaginary World cover weird colours version Copy

added on 5th September 2017

I've signed a deal with Universal Japan and I have three new songs out on the 9th December


added on 16th November 2016


I have a new music video for 'Wallflower', watch it by clicking here.


added on 11th November 2016


This is the cover for my next EP out on the 24th June. The lead single ‘Spaceship’ is out now; watch the music video for it by clicking here.

life is a long cover

added on 19th May 2016


New stickers ~ email your postal address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get 20 stickers sent to you for free


added on 9th February 2016